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Penn State has created an online network, linked to the Penn State Food Network and the Pennsylvania Agriculture Resilience Network, to minimize bottlenecks and avoid breakdowns that lead to food shortages. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation of the US Department of Agriculture (NSF), the website and Pennsylvania's Agriculture Resilience Network aim to help Pennsylvania agriculture succeed. The site, called the aEUR PARN platform, is the first of its kind in the United States and one of only a handful of such sites in Europe.

In 2017, the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Child Development partnered with Penn State Food Network and Pennsylvania Agriculture Resilience Network to conduct the Campus Cupboard Study. We have already shared some of our work on the study of the closet on campus and its impact on children's development.

The needs analysis of hunger on college campuses focuses on the region of southwestern Pennsylvania and addresses what is leading students to food insecurity, what their current situation is like, and what impact it has on children.

Food scientists who earn a bachelor's degree from Penn State University Park are pursuing a job that earns a median salary of $52,100 a year, according to the report. Of the 10 food science and technology students who will graduate from Penn State University in 2018 or 2019, 70% are women and about 30% are men. The median annual salary of a food scientist and technologist in Pennsylvania is $40,300, and there are about 1,500 students in that class, 40% (or 300) of whom live below the poverty line, or $277 per month, less than half the US median income of about $50,000.

Penn Dining and Bon Appetit will be hosting various events in October to educate members of the Penn community about food - related topics. The farmers market offers neighbors and members of the Penn community the opportunity to buy fresh, delicious food from local farmers and give students the opportunity to shop with their menus. Hunger is finding its way into the lives of many students at Penn State University Park, and we are taking this month, October, as an opportunity to shed much-needed light on this issue by sharing what post-secondary schools are doing to combat this problem.

The best places to find pizzas are all over the state and are really good for your wallet. The wood-burning oven distinguishes Faccia Luna from other pizzerias in the city, giving its crust a smokiness that is not found anywhere else. Stop off and enjoy a delicious entree from the wood grill while giving them a crust you would find hard to find - squeezed into any other pizza service in this city.

If you're looking for pizza, there are three of Pittsburgh's better pizzerias on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill. If you're too lazy to get to campus or downtown, you'll get a daily delivery, so you'll struggle to find a better sandwich at State College if you get the cheese steak with onions (if not, you're not familiar with "Philly" in cheeseburger jargon). One of our best restaurants at State College has the best sandwiches in the state and one of the best pizza options. The restaurant is just a few steps from the main entrance of the University Park and combines two of my favorite things: good food and good service.

Bon Appetit and Penn Dining are committed to a sustainable future of food supply, providing tasty foods that are healthy, economically viable, and produced through practices that feed the community and replenish our shared natural resources for future generations.

Pennsylvania State University is committed to promoting diversity, justice and inclusion in all forms. The values of the university are reflected in its policies and practices, as well as in the food and beverage policies of its restaurants and bars. Pennsylvania's food, drink and entertainment policies, practices and strategies represent its values and those of the University.

This passion is lived in an environment rooted in shared pride in the history and culture of the University of Pennsylvania and its students, faculty and staff. This passion was fulfilled in University Park Pennsylvania, a place of great food, drink and entertainment and the environment that all of this is rooted in a sense of community and shared pride.

The hatch doesn't open until late Saturday at Heinz Field, so traffic from Pittsburgh to State College could be a real treat, but you should get up early because everyone else in town will be there as well. When I walked past Dean's before the game against PSU, it was full of Nittany Lions fans. On the last day of the season, there was nothing to cheer for them but victory at Champ Champ. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media for more Penn State food news and events.

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